MERAN – Cross-tool development with continuous traceability

Application area

MERAN provides an efficient approach for the integration of several tools in the field of development. This additional integration layer is a central component of the MERAN tool suite and can be used to overcome media break and incompatibility between heterogeneous tool-chains efficiently and quickly. MERAN has a unified, cross-systems linking structure that allows continous traceability across systems boundaries. All relevant data sources can be easily integrated and supplemented as required. In case of tool modifications, the implemented workflow will be preserved or be available without changes on the new systems.

Functions at a glance

  • Simple and rapid integration of development tools, e.g. IBM Rational DOORS, HP ALM, MS EXCEL, MS SQL, PTC Integrity, IBM Rational DOORS Nx, JiRA ...
  • Unified user interface for standardised operation
  • Traceability across tools
  • Partially and fully automated synchronisation of the data

Benefits of MERAN


  • Working with several systems as if they were "one application"
  • Standardised user interface and central starting point
  • Unified workflows with different source and target systems
  • Specific workflow support through role-specific views
  • Simple data transfer between systems
  • Cross tool traceability & synchronization

Further Functionality

  • Database editor (table-based)
  • Statistical evaluations and impact analysis
  • Variant & parameter management
  • Easily extensible, modular structure
  • No system-specific expertise required

Service & Information

Technical Support & Ordering

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