MESSINA RS - Robot test automation for UI infotainment / interior

Application area

MESSINA RS, a robot-based test automation system, is a flexible and efficient solution for validating interior / infotainment and other user interfaces. The functional 6-axis articulated arm makes it possible to track human operation sequences with great accuracy. New as well as proven operating concepts can thus be automated in a cost-efficient manner. The basis of the system is the MESSINA test platform. Open interfaces and individual definition of test sequences ease the application and allow the performance of tests around the clock - also on weekends. The result: reliable and reproducible results with a high test depth within a given time period.

Functions at a glance

  • Fully automated performance of operating sequences using a 6-axis articulated robot arm for interior and infotainment user interfaces
  • Simple training for various operating sequences:
    • Operation of touch screens (e.g. capacitive displays)
    • Operation of rotary push buttons
    • CD change
  • Use of model-based functional specifications from Rhapsody or Enterprise Architect and subsequent generation of test codes
  • Performance data:
    • 6-axle robot system (accuracy +/- 0.1 mm)
    • Automated tool change
    • Real-time HiL technology to record voltage, current, CAN, LIN, etc.
    • Extension for voice output and voice recognition, telephone operation

Benefits of MESSINA RS

Flexible application options – one test system for testing various interior and infotainment functions and installation options

Reliable test implementation and reproducible test results

Fault reduction by linking interfaces to specification tools and automated generation of test codes

24-hour operation – higher test depth within a given time period

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