Modular-HiL – scalable high-performance test system

Application area

Modular-HiL is a modular, universal hardware-in-the-loop testing system. As an individual module, with its flexible signal conditioning and the use of open industry standards, it is a cost-effective solution for component test stations. Linked together by powerful networking technology, it offers virtually unlimited performance reserves for the integrated test bench of partial and complete vehicle systems. By using the same modules for component and integration test benches, modular-HiL offers considerable cost benefits and maximum of flexibility.

Functions at a glance

  • Computer nodes networked in real time
  • Modular and scalable due to signal classes
  • Short-circuit and overvoltage-proof signal conditioning
  • Self-test functionality
  • CompactPCI and Intel CPUs
  • Optional Fault Simulation Box (FSB)

Benefits of modular HiL

  • Wide range of applications for component and integration testing
  • Reduced costs through the use of standard industrial automation components
  • Drawer technology gives optimum access to I/Os and loads
  • Modular system and re-use mean minimal engineering effort


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