MODICA - Model-based test tool for complex systems

Application Area

MODICA is a powerful tool for the model-based testing. It accelerates the test process significantly and automatically generates relevant test sequences for complex systems such as embedded systems. MODICA offers an intuitive, graphical user interface to map the specified behaviour of the test object in usage models. Generated tests can linked easily to textual requirements from requirements management tools, e.g. DOORS.The executable test scenarios are generated directly within MODICA. By defining specific sequence rules, the user can control the generation process in terms of test content and scope. For the generation itself, the powerful and deterministic test case generator from Conformiq is used. MODICA supports numerous test automation systems such as EXAM or MESSINA. As a proven tool for model-based test case generation, MODICA is used among others in the automotive industry.

From model to relevant test case

Model-based test design with MODICA - The Benefits

System abstraction

  • The model-based approach simplifies the testing process – no implementation of tests required
  • State machines facilitate the exchange between developers, testers, and experts

Test systematisation

  • Interfaces to specification tools such as DOORS ensure the traceability between requirements and tests
  • Deterministic test case generation – controllable by sequence rules
  • Gaps in test coverage are found efficiently and systematically


  • Automated generation of test suites with different test objectives from one model (single-source-principle)
  • Generation of executable tests
  • Support of test automation systems, e.g. EXAM,  MESSINA


  •  By adapting the model and generating new test cases, bug fixes or changes to the system can easily applied to the test

Service & information

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