POWERDIFFMERGE – Comparison & combination of IBM Rational Statemate Models

Application area

PowerDiffMerge is a unique graphic tool for the comparison and combination of different versions of IBM® PowerDiffMerge Rational® Statemate® models. Logical analysis of the IBM® Rational® Statemate® models is used to detect new, deleted and changed objects, which are shown in representations of the model diagrams.

The user can easily combine these changes, either partially or as a whole, into a single result model and is informed about potential conflicts. A large part of this process can automatically be performed by PowerDiffMerge and only requires semantic acceptance by the user. This simplifies the very work-intensive and fault-prone manual combination of models, which otherwise has to be performed by using a text editor and without support for the IBM® Rational® Statemate® Syntax. PowerDiffMerge further offers the option of compiling a protocol of the combining steps already performed or to validate the combined diagrams at any time.

All these characteristics make PowerDiffMerge an excellent tool for saving time and costs, in particular in complex and extensive projects with a large number of IBM® Rational® Statemate® models.

Functions at a glance

  • Visual comparison and combination of two or several IBM® Rational® Statemate® models
  • Automated combination of models
  • Two types of combinations, including Delta-Merge
  • Repeat / reverse function
  • Storage and resumption of processing steps
  • Filter functions
  • Protocol generator for tracking changes

Benefits of PowerDiffMerge

  • Logical comparison and combination of IBM® Rational® Statemate® diagrams
  • Visualisation of differences in IBM® Rational® Statemate® models
  • Faster analysis and model differences
  • Support in conflict resolution during combination
  • Automated combination for most of the simple cases

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