TRENTINO: Interface for direct ECU image data injection

Application area

TRENTINO is a flexible interface that allows the feeding of  image on an electronic level for enhanced validation of image processing ECUs. Optically demanding test scenarios such as glare during light changes, fast movements or special weather conditions can be reliably tested on the HiL test stand or desktop setup. The test effort, e.g. of driver assistance functions get significantly reduced.

Functions at a glance

  • Expansion of the test facilities for system performance and detection behaviour by loss-free injection of images for the image sensor
  • Integration of the camera image processing algorithms into the hardware test or HiL-test
  • Recording of rare or dangerous situations as video sequence
  • Any image manipulations or image distortions can be integrated in real time using the adapter
  • Modular design for up to 15 camera channels (per camera channel up to 16 bit colour depth per pixel)
  • Sensor interfaces: 12bit parallel / 4 Lanes seriell (max. 3,2Gbit/s)
  • Sensor expls.: ON Semiconductor (Aptina) / Omnivision

Benefits of TRENTINO

  • Realistic, synchronous injection without the creation of "ghost images"
  • No adjustment effort required
  • Space-saving HiL test setup or as a compact desktop insert
  • Connection at the hardware level - independent of ECU-SW versions or drivers

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